Alien hunt BTN Review

1. What do you think of when you hear the word `alien’? Unknown living objects of some sort? 2. Discuss the Alien search story with another student. 3. There are more stars in the universe than… we can count 4. How do scientists search for extraterrestrial intelligence? They use money and work with other intelligence […]

Space Effects Review

1. What was the main point of the Space Effects story? The main idea is about if you went to space, what will effect you during the time in space. 2. How long was Scott Kelly in space? 365 days 3. Where did he live while he was in space? He lived in the International […]

e-Learning Captian Speech

Which captain do I want to achieve: e-Learning captain Speech Before you get tired, just remember that we are the literally the luckiest school ever. Imagine just ten years ago, we don’t even know Apple existed, so in just ten years difference we are here. Look around, what can you see amongst our classroom? Yes, […]

Film Fest Review

In my opinion, my favorite movie trailer was the one that says ‘Stay In School” That reminded us about staying at school, not flunking school then run away. I think that trailer was to remind us, kids to be sensitive and confident that we want to study school. It was quite a funny movie with […]

Moon BTN

1. In what year did humans land on the moon? It was 1969 when men took the first step on Moon. 2. Why might humans want to live on the moon? Example if A.I took over earth, humans can then go to the moon or mars to make it a evacuation planet or something. 3. […]

What is a shadow?

I know it sounds like a grade two question but it is a really scientific measurement including our sub and the movements. So what really is a shadow? Well a shadow is the dark mirror of our suns reflection that is on the asphalt. Why did the angle of the image rotated? Well Earth orbits […]

Clown warning

Hey grade 5, sorry to tell you this this late but some of you might already know this, Do not leave from safety during October 8, 16, 21, 25, 28 and 31., since there is clowns all around Melbourne. That’s why I am not trick or treating. Thanks, I hope you didn’t find this disturbing see […]

Orangutan Where does Malu live? In the Melbourne Zoo 2. Sumatran orangutans are a. Threatened b. Endangered c. Critically endangered👍👌 3. Finish the following sentence: Orangutans are highly intelligent and in captivity they can get… a little bored 4. Give an example of how orangutans use their brain to solve problems in the wild. For example, Malu used a blanket to get out of his compound or cage and he went to go curiously wander around the zoo but then tuned into a lockdown. 5. What have researchers come up with to help Malu use his brain? Interactive games that uses lasers to keep Malu entertained 6. Describe the games the apes are playing. They use a connector sensor to make a game called zap. 7. Why are some people worried about giving orangutans technology?because these technology is not in the wild but invested by a university so if they live in wildlife, it will be a worry. 8. What will the app `Orangstagram’ allow the apes to do? Orangstagram is like Instagram but they take photos of apes instead. 9. What sorts of things do zookeepers want to give the orangutans control of in the future? The zookeepers will try give the orangutans to test with lights, temperature and also music. 10. What was surprising about this story? In my opinion I can’t believe the human investment increased by so much that technology can be used amongst even orangutans.